Sūtra Neti: Yoga for Spring Blossoms

Published: 8 April, 2011

    It started as a whisper amongst the snow drops.... idle gossip.... 
    then the cherry blossoms began to sing,
    and the daffodils joined in the chorus.
    It must be true.... Spring is here!

    Blue bells, purple iris, and a carnival of pink hyacinths.
    The tulips make a striking stance, as the magnolias proudly flaunt their bountiful blossom.
    Fragrant air a buzz, while an inner tingle of warmth rises to greet the returning Sun.

Yoga for Spring Blossoms

1.  Rise with the Sun.

2.  Cleanse the eyes, nose and mouth with warm water.

3.  Gargle with warm salty water (1tsp salt in 1 cup of water) to gently loosen and remove any phlegm build up.

4.  Perform several rounds of Uḍḍiyāna Bandha to fully open the sinuses.  If unfamiliar with Uḍḍiyāna Bandha, at the end of an exhale, practice holding the breath out for 5 seconds, and then breath in steadily through the both nostrils until the air moves freely through the sinuses.

5.  Practice Sūtra Neti to cleanse and strengthen the sinuses.  The most effective practice for avoiding Hay fever!!!  Watch this demonstration video, and ask an experienced/qualified Yoga Teacher to show you how.

6.  Finish with 40 rounds of Kapālabhāti (gently but rigorously exhaling the breath through the nostrils).

Now, we are ready to salute the Sun!