Mindful Minute Meditation | Pebbles


I invite you to practise this Mindful Minute Meditation TWICE.

Firstly, with the eyes OPENED.  Then again, with the eyes CLOSED.

Sit tall.  Listen carefully.  Maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity throughout.

Did you notice any difference?

Connecting with the body and the sensations experienced is an essential part of Mindfulness practice. This means actively choosing to be RECEPTIVE to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the present moment. 

An example might be something as simple as listening to the sound of water as you wash your hands or feeling the touch of a banister as you walk upstairs.

SOUND can be an effective object of focus in meditation.  It offers an alternative to a visual or felt object (such as the breath).  It can be particularly helpful for those who suffer anxiety, fear, worry or panic attacks.

At the University of Bergen in Norway, Vollestad, Nielsen, and Nielsen surveyed 19 studies of the effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Therapy (MBT) on anxiety. They found that MBTs are associated with robust and substantial reductions of anxiety symptoms.

Read more about the results of this research here.