Entangled Histories of Yoga, Ayurveda and Alchemy in South Asia

We are very pleased to announce a five year research project funded by the European Research Council, led by Dr Dagmar Wujastyk and team members Dr Suzanne Newcombe and Dr Jason Birch, will commence at the University of Vienna in June, 2015. 

The project will examine the histories of yoga, ayurveda and rasaśāstra (Indian alchemy and iatrochemistry) from the 8th century to the present, focussing on the disciplines' health, rejuvenation and longevity practices.

The project will aim to generate new knowledge of the history of these disciplines by providing access to previously untranslated works, analysis of their contents and a study of how these disciplines link to the present forms of these traditions.

Outputs will include journal articles, monographs and an international conference.

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The Ayurvedic body, ca. 18th century, Wellcome Library, London