Yoga in Transformation: The Vienna Volume

The much anticipated volume Yoga in Transformation: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives has been published. This outstanding collection of articles covers the breadth of academic studies on Yoga and includes papers from world leading scholars in this field. It is the culmination of many years of collaborative research and editorial work, and documents the proceedings of papers that were presented during the conference (convened under the same name) at the University of Vienna in 2013. 

The abstract for the volume states:
This volume explores aspects of yoga over a period of about 2500 years. In its first part, it investigates facets of the South Asian and Tibetan traditions of yoga, such as the evolution of posture practice, the relationship between yoga and sex, yoga in the theistic context, the influence of Buddhism on early yoga, and the encounter of Islam with classical yoga. The second part addresses aspects of modern globalised yoga and its historical formation, as for example the emergence of yoga in Viennese occultism, the integration of yoga and nature cure in modern India, the eventisation of yoga in a global setting, and the development of Patañjali’s iconography. In keeping with the current trend in yoga studies, the emphasis of the volume is on the practice of yoga and its theoretical underpinnings.
Below is the Table of Contents, which outlines its comprehensive contribution to the history of Yoga in South Asia and Tibet, as well as transnational and globalised forms of contemporary Yoga. 

Through the efforts of the editors Prof. Karl Baier, Dr. Philipp Maas and Prof. Karin Preisendanz of the University of Vienna, and the financial support of AMRAY, this volume has been made available both in print and as an open-access PDF. It is a tremendous triumph to have made such a prestigious publication freely available.

The book can be purchased in hardback here:

or at other booksellers by using the following bibliographical data:
Karl Baier / Philipp A. Maas / Karin Preisendanz (eds.). Yoga in Transformation - Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Wiener Forum für Theologie und Religionswissenschaft, Vol. 16, 2018. Vienna University Press by V&R unipress. 
ISBN 978-3-8471-0862-7.
The download of a PDF of the whole volume is possible free of charge in accordance with open access.

We truly hope you savour this publication as much as we do!



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