Alchemy in Daoism and Hatha Yoga

AyurYog Project | SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies |

Friday 29th March, 2019.
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS University of London.

A discussion with Professor Louis Komjathy (University of San Diego) and Dr James Mallinson (SOAS). Chaired by Dr Suzanne Newcombe (Open University and Inform, KCL). 
The perfection of the human, seen as either a means towards ultimate liberation from suffering or immortality, has a central place in both the Indian and Chinese esoteric traditions. To these ends, both Haṭha and Daoist traditions have ‘internal’ practices relating to the manipulation of energy inside the body as well as more ‘external’ practices which can involve the ingestion of substances. Both of these Indian and Chinese traditions have also developed a variety of physical exercises aimed at strengthening the physical body. 
By bringing two leading scholars in their respective fields together in dialogue, it is hoped that the discussion will further elucidate both similarities and distinctions between the Indian and Chinese traditions. Each scholar will make a short presentation on the internal and external practices of alchemy in their respective tradition(s), before an extended question and answer session and informal reception. 

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