AYURYOG TIMELINE | A shared history of Yoga and Indian Medicine


Today, we launched this significant piece of research, which is an output of the AyurYog Project:

AyurYog Timeline: The entangled histories of Yoga and Indian medicine (Ayurveda).


[Best viewed on a computer rather than a mobile phone.]

This interactive web-based resource is based on the latest philological and modern sociological research of the AyurYog Project.

Use it to learn about some of the key milestones and historically significant events that have shaped the entanglement of Yoga and Indian medicine (Ayurveda).

Curated by Jacqueline Hargreaves (www.TheLuminscent.org) and Dr Suzanne Newcombe.

With special thanks to Prof. Dagmar Wujastyk, Dr Jason Birch, Dr Christèle Barois, and Dr Patricia Sauthoff.