MANUSCRIPTS | Yoga on Leaves


This film was shown as part of the Embodied Liberation II, a virtual exhibition at the Brunei Gallery SOAS University of London.

MANUSCRIPTS | Yoga on Leaves

This film offers the viewer a visceral experience of working with palm leaf Sanskrit manuscripts on Yoga. The philological fieldwork of the Hatha Yoga Project requires searching through hundreds of catalogues and unpublished manuscripts in order to locate, identify, transcribe, and collate a text before a critical edition and annotated translation into English are possible.

The fieldwork took place in many libraries, museums, and private collections across India between 2016 and 2019. This film provides the viewer with an intimate behind-the-scenes view at one of these locations.

Producer and Photographer: 
Jacqueline Hargreaves

Hatha Yoga Project Researchers: 
Dr Jason Birch, SOAS University of London and Dr SVBKV Gupta, École française d'Extrême-Orient.

Dr Tejasvini Jangda

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Length: 11 minutes.