The Yoga of the Matsyendrasaṃhitā

In June 2021, the EFEO Pondicherry published the first volume in their new series dedicated exclusively to Yoga texts, The Yoga of the Matsyendrasaṃhitā: A critical edition and annotated translation of chapters 1–13 and 55 (p. 608) by Dr Csaba Kiss. 

This series was conceived by the Hatha Yoga Project, SOAS London University. It will include the publication of the ten critical editions and annotated translations of Sanskrit texts that are outputs of this important five-year research project, which focused on the textual and ethnographic history of Haṭha Yoga.

The Yoga of the Matsyendrasaṃhitā

A critical edition and annotated translation of chapters 1–13 and 55.

Csaba KISS (2021). 

ISBN (EFEO) : 978 2 85539 241 7.


This volume presents the first critical edition, along with an English translation, of the core chapters of a Sanskrit work of perhaps the thirteenth century surviving in five nineteenth-century witnesses: the Matsyendrasaṃhitā. The work is useful as a primary source for the history of yoga and the Śaiva religions: it reveals important links between the tantric cults of Kubjikā and Tripurā and early haṭhayoga. In addition, its frame-story (in chapters 1 and 55) relates a unique version of the yogin Matsyendra’s legend in which his disciple Gorakṣa is a Chola king. The edition is bracketed by a detailed introduction and by detailed notes on the constitution of the text, as well as an annotated translation. 

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