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Dear Friends of The Luminescent,

The Luminescent is an independent, high-quality, evidence-based research hub for the history and practice of Yoga. Our aim is to offer an excellent standard of original research from primary sources on the rich history and diverse practice of Yoga to the broader community in the form of open-access articles, essays and visual material.
♥ Patrons of The Luminescent ♥ are a group of loyal supporters, each of whom chip in to give a nominal monthly donation to the project and so create a bedrock of support vital to its survival. We have created six tiers of support with a variety of rewards for our Patrons, such as 24hr advanced access to each forthcoming post and research article, live Q&A sessions and more!

Would you like to help us?

Your support will make it possible for The Luminescent to offer a unique resource to Yoga teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts worldwide. 

We hope to grow our offering to include:
  • A new short-form article (or essay) every month in which leading scholars, writers, archivists, and/or researchers offer insight into the histories which surround Yoga and its practices.
  • A publishing arm that will launch an annual series of Selected Works, which will bring you the very best of our short-form pieces in a beautifully produced book. This could happen quickly, as soon as mid-2018. It would be made available for distribution to Yoga studios and Yoga Teacher Training programmes around the world for a minimal printing fee.
  • Offer New Editions of rare and out-of-print books on Yoga. This work will involve translations of Sanskrit and Hindi materials into English. In addition, we will curate modular content on specific topics on Yoga (at the suggestions of our Patrons) that can be easily integrated into existing Yoga Teacher Training manuals or used for self-study.
  • We will undertake to source, digitise and collate outstanding visual material evidence on Yoga and openly publish public domain works on the web that are sorted and searchable by keywords. This will encourage more of our readers to explore these resources for themselves. We will also offer beautifully designed reprints and reworkings of The Luminescent visual material.
We believe our unique outputs, shared openly and widely, is a way to keep the diversity of Yoga and its rich history alive.
We sincerely thank you for your support!

Jacqueline Hargreaves + Dr. Jason Birch
Founders of The Luminescent